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Here ya go, the official 12th annual Star Wars Nativity Set (see below to links for archived Star Wars Nativity Sets).


*Adi Gallia = the Virgin Mary
*Mace Windu = Joseph
*Dagobah Yoda = Baby Jesus
*C3PO = Original Christmas Star
*Rancor Keeper = Inn Keeper
*Aunt Beru = Inn Keeper’s Partner
*Tatooine Anakin Skywalker= Little Drummer Boy
*Bib Fortuna = Magi
*Orn Free Taa = Magi
*Nute Gunray = Magi
*Sly Moore Coruscant Senator = Magi
*Graxol Kelvyn = Magi
*Han Solo in Carbonite = gift from Magi
*Bucket of Light Sabers = gift from Magi
*Box of Hats = gift from Magi
*Princess Leia Organa Jabab’a Prisoner = Arch Angel Gabriella
*Jawa 1 = Shepard Fairey
*Jawa 2 = Shepard
*Jawa 3 = Shepard
*Jawa 4 = Shepard
*Jawa 5 = Shepard
*Romba (Ewok) = Shepard
*Graak (Ewok) = Shepard
*Wicket W. Warwick (Ewok) = Shepard
*Teebo (Ewok) = Shepard
*Zartan = Shepard Intern
*Labria = the Devil (the real devil doesn’t have horns, those are a metaphor for fear)
*Spirit of Anakin = God the Father (keeping it Trinitarian)
*Spirit of Obi Wan = the Holy Spirit (keeping it Trinitarian)
*Spirit of Yoda = God the Son (keeping it Trinitarian)
*Miniature Darth Sideous Hologram 1 = Raptured Enoch
*Miniature Darth Sideous Hologram 2 = Raptured Elijah


Archived photo albums for previous Star Wars nativity scenes can be found here:

11th Annual Heuertz Star Wars Nativity

10th Annual Heuertz Star Wars Nativity and Here

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7th Annual Heuertz Star Wars Nativity

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